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Hi! I'm Ashlea, a certified classical Pilates instructor and ex-professional dancer based in London, originally from Sydney, Australia. I'm a lover of all things health and wellness and my main goal is to help people feel their best physically and mentally and understand their bodies through Pilates.


I was first introduced to Pilates by my physiotherapist for rehabilitation from quite a severe back injury. I realized how beneficial this form of exercise was, not just for my dance career, but everyday life. After my first session, I knew I HAD to become an instructor and share Joseph Pilates’ magical method to help others - and that's just what I did!​

In 2017, I started my 600-hour comprehensive teacher training at Authentic Pilates Education International. I then moved to London in 2019 and completed the advanced component of the training at Exhale Pilates London.

I would describe my teaching style as attentive, descriptive, and calm. I want everyone to work to their full potential and get the most out of each exercise, whilst still enjoying it! The dancer shines through in my teaching as I love to always add in an extra stretch.


My passion for Pilates and teaching continues to grow every day, as I see the fast progress and results from clients and watch them fall in love with all of the benefits Pilates offers.



• Authentic Pilates Education International: 600+ hours full comprehensive classical Pilates certification.

 Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced level practical, written, and anatomy. Apparatus: Matwork, Tower, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, 
Pedi Pole, Spine Corrector, Electric / High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Magic Circle, Small Apparatus.

•  Mama's Pilates Certificate: Supporting Pre and Postnatal clients.

Polestar Pilates: The six principals online course.

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